Art Cover: Tiébélé - Aridane Martín

Tiébélé - Aridane Martín Quartet

Aridane published in 2017 his first album as leader, "Tiébélé", in two editions, each one designed by a canarian painter with twelve original paintings inspired by his music in an innovative project. 

- Aridane Martín Quartet: Tiébélé "Felo Monzón Edition" 15€


- Aridane Martín Quartet: Tiébélé "Mireia Tramunt Edition" 15€


- Aridane Martín Quartet: Tiébélé (2 Editions pack) 25€



“The Longest Journey” is registered in the general society of authors from Spain (S.G.A.E.) with registration number 15.742.872 and is recorded in the album, “Tiébélé” (REF: AMF-001ED2) with the ISRC number: ESA081700857.


The Longest Journey - (Sheet music)

The Longest Journey is one of the compositions that you can find in my first album, “Tiébélé”. This piece was originally written in the most typical form of jazz standard (AABA) in order to provide the intermediate player with challenging repertoire. With this piece I present my first work as a composer with the intention of expanding the existing repertoire for our instrument, the vibraphone. I recommend listening to the version with the catalan pianist Elisabet Raspall, included in this album and I hope that the concepts I apply in phrasing and comping could be useful for your learning.

Aridane Martín


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