Listening to Aridane's album "Tiébélé" is like entering a state of absolute peace.


Joan Espanyol


Magnificent and delicate proyect. Warm melodies that fill our heart of hope and fullness.

Miquel Tuset


Aridane presents "Tiébélé" as a melodic landscape. The album is full of quality, rhythmic contrast and very worked compositions.

Martí Farrés

Aridane published in 2017 his first album as leader, "Tiébélé", in two editions, each one designed by a canarian painter with twelve original paintings inspired by his music in an innovative project. 

"Tiébélé is the conclusion of all my experiences, the synthesis of my person and the love for my work, my family and friends all channeled through music and art. In this breeding ground is where the seven original compositions that give form to the project are gestated and are the result of about 4 years of work."

Just listen...


What is Tiébélé?

Tiébélé would not be possible without the two Canarian artists that give life to the project in its physical format. They are the painters Felo Monzón Benítez and Mireia Tramunt. His work has consisted in designing both the cover and the script, in which we can enjoy an original painting inspired by each composition. This combination makes this unique and unique project creating a space where the creativity and work of 3 Canarian artists converge.



Felo Monzón (Las Palmas de G.Canaria, 1977)


Felo obtained the Degree in Fine Arts from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. He trained in various fields like designing, painting, paper restoration and calligraphy. Felo began his career as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s in Las Palmas. His crew CNFSN+ quickly gained the reputation for producing giant murals which describe everyday situations of the locals and recreate portraits of historical figures of the island. Felo has been working with Tono Cruz since 2006 as part of the urban art group CNFSN + where he has been requested to paint murals from all over the world.


Mireia Tramunt (Las Palmas de G.Canaria, 1991)

Mireia starts studying the Degree in Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna - Tenerife and finished it in Madrid, city that became his workplace. In 2013 she was invited to exhibit her large-format portraits in the Väsby Konsthall in Stockholm. Mireia has performed several outdoor mural paintings for two consecutive years in the town of Campos, Mallorca, during the Art Nit Campos festival and during the Theatre festival of Agüimes, on Gran Canaria island. Her work has been exhibited in several art galeries around Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands, and Baleares. Her last work, 'Letime', has been included in a sample that will be exhibited from June 2017 in Havana, Cuba, and some other South american countries.


Octavio Hernández

Pedro Campos

Jose Benítez

Aridane Martín

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Jon Robles

In his training, Jon Robles received master classes from: Adolfo Ventas, Lluis Vidal, Sean Leavitt, Perico Sambeat, Bennie Wallace, Ralph Lalama, Ed Thigpen and George Garzone among others. In the year 2000 he obtains the Honor Award from his conservatory. Throughout his long career Jon has recorded and played with numerous artists and musicians, not only jazz. Some of his most important performances were: in 1994 at the Vitoria Jazz Festival next to Manhattan Transfers and the RTVE Orchestra; with Ben Sidran in the Jamboree room in Barcelona; tour with the Miguel Ríos Big Band; tour with the cuban singer Lucrecia; tour with the saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera... Outside jazz he performed with Alejandro Sanz on his 2000 world tour and later on in 2004; Jon has also accompanied artists as Juan Manuel Serrat, Ketama, Olga Guillot, and Dyango among others.

Elisabet Raspall 

Elisabet Raspall attended Liceu and Taller de músics conservatories in Barcelona. Aware that the formation of a musician can’t stop, Elisabet decides to cross the Mediterranean to study in one of the most important conservatory of the world, Berklee College of Music in the United States, where she graduated. In Berklee she attended seminars with masters like Ben Railey, Hermeto Pascual, Joanne Bracken, David Williams, Hal Crook... After obtaining the INCANOP scholarship, Elisabet traveled to New York where she studied with musicians like Barry Harris, George Cables and Fred Hersch. She has collaborated with different musicians like Chris Cheek, Perico Sambeat, Mario Rossy, Bill McHenry, Joan Chamorro, David Mengual, Chris Higgins, Marc Miralta, Horacio Fumero...

String Quartet

This quartet is formed by Sinead Cormican, Ismael Cabaleiro, Elena Martínez and Carla Peña. They are the original quartet that records Tiébélé. Aridane is fortunate to have an experienced string quartet trained in classical music and jazz.

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